My First Wedding Day in the Bush of Ghosts (Episode 2)

Having finished the marriage service, all of us went to my in-laws’ house where everybody was served with a variety of food and all kinds of ghosts’ drinks. After that all the ghost and ghostess dancers started to dance. Also all the terrible-creatures sent their representatives as “Skulls”, “Long-white creatures”, “Invincible and invisible Pawn” or “Give and take” who fought and won the Red people in the Red-town for the “Palm-Wine Drinker “Mountain-creatures”, “Spirit of prey” whose eye’s flood of light suffocated Palm-Wine Drinker’s wife and also the “hungry-creature” who swallowed PalmWine Drinker together with his wife when returning from Deads’-town came and saluted my wife’s father and they were served immediately they arrived.

But at last “Skull” who came from “Skull family’s town” reported “Spirit of prey” to my wife’s father who was chief secretary to all the terrible and curious creatures in all dangerous bushes, that the spirit of prey stole his meat which the skull put at the edge of the plate in which both were eating as both were served together with one plate, because plates were not sufficient to serve each of them with a plate. But before my wife’s father who was their chief secretary could have a chance to come and settle the matter for them, both of them started to fight fiercely so that all the ghosts and all the other representatives came nearer and surrounded them, clapping hands on them in such a way that if one of these fighters surrenders or gives up it would be very shameful to him. Some of these scene-lookers were clapping, and an old Ape who was a slave and inherited by my wife’s father from his first-generation since uncountable years was beating a big tree under which both these terrible creatures were fighting as a drum which had a very large sound. But as this old slave ape was beating the tree as a drum in such a way that all the scene-lookers who stood round them could not bear the lofty sound of the tree which was beaten as a drum and wait or stand still in one place, so all the ghosts, evils, terrible creatures, my friend, my wife and her father and myself started to dance at the same time.

But as I was intoxicated by the strong drinks which I drank on that day, so I mistakenly smashed a small ghost to death who came from the “9th town of ghosts” to enjoy the merriment of the marriage with us as I was staggering about. At last I was summoned to the court of evil for wilfully killing a small gho st, but as a little mistake is a serious offence as well as big offence in the “Bush of Ghosts”, so the “Evil judge” judged the case at one o’clock of the judgement day and luckily I was freed by a kind lawyer whose mother was the native of the “Bottomless Ravine’s town”, the town which belongs to only “triplet ghosts and ghostesses”. But if it was not far this incognito lawyer who was very kind to me without knowing him elsewhere I would be imprisoned for fifty years as this is the shortest years for a slightest offence.

After I freed the case then I returned to my in-laws’ town and lived there with my wife for a period of about three months and some days before I remembered my mother and brother again, because I did not remember them again when I married the lady . So one morning, I told the father of my wife that I want to leave his town for another one, but I did not tell him frankly that I want to continue to find the way to my home town which I left since I was seven years old. So I told him that I should leave with his daughter who was my wife, he allowed me to go or to leave, but disallowed his daughter to go with me. Of course, when I thought over within myself that however an earthly person might love ghosts, ghosts could not like him heartily in any respect, then I alone left his town in the evening after I went round the town and bade goodbye to the prominent ghosts.

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