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See What These University Students Were Caught Doing In The Common Room

March 3, 2021 / By: / 210 views

The University is a place made for learning and improving yourself and not a place for committing various atrocities.

Parents send their wards to school so they can better their lives and make something out of their lives. But it is so painful to see that instead of these children being focused on why they are in school.

They instead begin to involve themselves with different things that are not the purpose of them coming to the four walls of the University. Most parents take loans for the sake of the education of their children.

The picture above captures a guy and a girl of the University Of Benin, who was caught doing this in broad daylight in the school hostel common road. From the photo, one can tell that they were having an intimate session together not minding if they will be caught by anyone.

With the school calendar, one would think that they will not have time for such.

Kindly watch the video below.


Do you think they are right for doing this?

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